HMC offers various different technology courses. The courses are offered in Dutch, a advanced level of Dutch is required.

  • Wood technology assembly worker (level 2 BOL/BBL)
  • All-round wood technology assembly worker (level 3 BOL/BBL)
  • Wood technology work planner (wood talent) (level 4 BOL/BBL)

The world of wood offers a multitude of possibilities. Being technically busy with your hands, organising commercial matters with different parties, or a combination of both, are all options. The wood industry isn’t just extensive, but very versatile too. Plus a future in wood means your future is absolutely guaranteed, as there will always be a need for effective work planners, as well as good carpenters and woodworkers. Wood is often used for the construction of houses or offices. This includes doors, staircases, windowsills, dormer windows and timber frames. These products are often made in advance and installed by the assembly worker in carpentry companies before they are sent to the construction site. A professional carpenter will know exactly which materials and how these materials should be used to make the best possible carpentry products. He/she isn’t just familiar with all the required hand tools, but will also be completely au fait with a variety of machines, some of which will be computer-controlled. The work planner is an essential link in the carpentry industry, who is responsible for the entire process. In addition to organising all the preparatory work, the work planner is also the one who maintains contact with the builder, the contractors and work planners at construction companies and property managers.