HMC offers various different furniture courses. The courses are offered in Dutch, a advanced level of Dutch is required. You can choose from courses within the furniture making, piano technology and furniture upholstery:

  • Furniture maker/(ship) interior builder (level 2 BOL/BBL)
  • All-round furniture maker/(ship) interior builder (level 3 BOL/BBL)
  • Enterprising furniture maker/(ship) interior builder (level 4 BOL)
  • Furniture industry work planner/(ship) interior builder (level 4 BOL/BBL)
  • Further upholsterer (level 2 BOL)
  • All-round furniture upholsterer (level 3 BOL)
  • Piano technician/entrepreneur (level 3 BOL)

The world of furniture is literally all around us. Furniture and interiors are produced for homes, offices, ships and public spaces. Craftsmanship and creativity

are qualities which come in very useful here. An additional advantage is that the course options are so diverse that you can literally go in any direction in the furniture industry. Careful thought is first devoted to sizes, the model and the choice of materials before a piece of furniture is made. Ideas are recorded in a sketch and technically elaborated on using a computer. It can subsequently be made with tools and machines.

A furniture maker can complete this entire process. Depending on his areas of interest, a furniture maker can specialise in designing furniture, making wooden musical instruments, wooden yacht building, furniture restoration, or the restoration of wooden constructions or structures. Some furniture items are only delivered once they have been finished off with upholstery. This is where the furniture upholsterers come into the equation. They make sure the interior and upholstery are beautifully finished off and will apply the various different upholstery materials. A piano technician is specialised in everything to do with a piano. Irrespective of whether it concerns tuning a piano or replacing various different parts, or perhaps repairing the playing mechanism, he/she can do it all.