Interior design

HMC offers various different interior design courses. The courses are offered in Dutch, a advanced level of Dutch is required. You can choose from courses within the sales, interior and upholstery industry:

  • Home furnishings salesperson (level 2 BOL)
  • Home furnishings sales advisor (level 3 BOL)
  • Interior advisor (level 4 BOL)
  • Home upholsterer (level 2 BBL)
  • All-round home upholsterer (level 3 BBL)

The interior design world is incredibly versatile. A talent for creative presentations and designs, conducting sales discussions or applying suitable upholstery can all be used for a job in this industry. A sense of style, colour and trends is absolutely essential. The choice of items in a home furnishings store is continuing to increase. Customers want to be well informed about the various different products and materials. The home furnishings salesperson is the ultimate expert here. A home furnishings advisor is specialised in giving expert advice in relation to product groups within the home industry. The interior advisor can provide customers with a complete interior design and advice for, for example, a home, office space, kitchen, bathroom or restaurant. The interior advisor will produce an inventory of the customer’s requirements, will prepare a quotation based on an interior design and advice and will ensure the interior design and advice is subsequently implemented. The interior decoration is largely determined by the floor and window decorations. This is where the home upholsterer comes into the equation, who will create the right atmosphere by laying carpets/flooring and window decorations in homes and offices and will ensure people can start to live and work in the spaces.