The HMC is an independent postsecondary vocational college where students are trained for a profession in the woodworking, furniture or interior design sectors in the Netherlands. Which was set up in 1929 focusing on creativity, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. The HMC has teaching locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The school is a relatively small college (3000 students) and thanks to this, the college has a personal character and a safe atmosphere. The teachers have often worked for years or still work themselves in the field. The provided courses are in Dutch.

Over the years, intensive contacts have been built up with the industry, so the education fits well with the working practice and our students have a wide choice of work placements. The HMC offers mainstream education (school-based and training on the job learning programme), pursuant to the Act on education and vocational training (WEB Act). In addition, the HMC offers courses and training for employees in the sectors and a wide range of cursory educational routes for private parties.