About HMC

Professional practice is always leading in HMC’s education. Students particularly learn by doing. Students acquire the required knowledge, skills and professional attitude by using various different didactic working methods.

Talent development
At HMC we see discovering and continuing to develop your talents as being of the utmost importance. We want to prepare you for the employment market. The business community is therefore closely involved with the school. This doesn’t just guarantee that our courses will effectively link into current practices, but it also ensures students won’t have any problems finding a work experience placement or job.

Lessons from professional teachers 
Students are taught by professional teachers, who have worked, or who still work, out in the professional field for many years. They are passionate about their trade and are enthusiastic about conveying this to the students. Their own development is still constantly in motion too. HMC stimulates employees to continue to develop themselves. We ask our teachers and students for the exact same level of entrepreneurship.

Contact with the industry
A shared love for the trade is the driving force behind the collaborations for both the work experience companies out in the professional field, as well as the HMC teachers: training and educating new professionals is a joint task for the school and the industry. This contact with the industry allows our teachers to closely follow the developments in our trade.

Inspiring lesson environment
The environment within which the students are taught mimics a practical situation as much as possible. For example, we have up-to-date machinery and our own practical rooms available for our wood and furniture courses. These practical rooms are miniature versions of furniture makers, upholstery and carpentry companies. The workplaces for the interior design courses resemble home furnishing stores, workshops and studios. These are used for sales discussion simulations, shop presentations and home interior designs. The HMC Lab can be used for experimenting with materials and new techniques, like the laser cutter, the 3D printer or the embroidery machine. The Study Centre is home to a wealth of relevant books and magazines, which can inspire you and help you on your way to producing a fantastic end product.

Internationalisation is becoming an increasingly more important theme within HMC. HMC would like to tighten and strengthen the international ties between companies, organisations and HMC, in order to exchange knowledge and enter into new collaborations. HMC therefore provides the opportunity for students to complete their work experience placements abroad. Students can make use of Erasmus+ when they are going on a work experience placement within Europe. This is a European subsidy programme for education, youth and sport. Students will receive financial support through this subsidy. HMC also regularly works on European projects, such as DesignSTEM, Beyond45+ and Eurojoiner. HMC also offers international study trips.

Striving for quality
HMC trains its students to become enthusiastic, creative and entrepreneurial professionals. As a specialist vocational school, we feel responsible for a good link between the industry’s demands and the supply of graduates. We meet all of the quality requirements set by the government and strive to achieve a quality which, according to the education inspectorate, is beyond any doubt. HMC does everything in its power to get the very best out of techniques, materials and especially: the people, for the benefit of the students, the industries involved and the employees.